History of Violin Lessons with Classical Music


Violin and classical music has an exciting and very astonishing history. Violin is known to be the fortitude of symphonic orchestra. One of the renowned orchestrator Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov always said that a violin instrument player should know about how to write the violin before composing the music. If you will not know about the basics of anything then knowing about the expert level is far away.

Violin in 16th century

In the 16th century, the first modern violin appeared in Italy. It was the first instrument having stronger strings than any other instrument in the history. These strong strings gave a very beautiful singing tone. Violin playing in the history was totally different from what it is now. The violins in old days were stouter, short and had visceral strings. Playing Violin and classical music in those days was amazing.

Violin and classical music in 17th and 18th century

Recreant of being played, violin was known as the crude instrument originally. In the 17th and 18th century musical giants like Monteverdi, Mozart and Vivaldi popularized Violin and classical music in their concerts and operas. This gave violin a turning point in the history. In the mid 18th century violin became chamber music ensembles very important part, carrying the melody very often.

19th century Violin

Violin’s prestige and importance started growing in this age. As this age was the romantic era of music which bought a totally new concept in violin and classical music. Sensational virtuosos such as Nicolo Paganini gave violin reach new heights with beautiful classical music techniques.

As the symphonic orchestra started growing day by day, more violinists were coming into this field of music. When we talk about today’s modern symphony orchestra, there are in general 2 groups that have 16 violinists in each group.

Richard Wagner was one of the best violin players who made complicated and dense violin sounds. Listeners used to get confused with his music. A good violin passage requires thirty two violins to get a sparkling and magnificent fire.

20th century Violin

With the modern era many advanced technologies have come, thus introducing amplification of violins and electronic violins which allows violinists to create usual effects. These effects were not seen before. History on violin lessons is a long tapestry which has been spanning since centuries for creating wonderful music.

Violin and classical music has played a very prominent role in the history of music. Playing violin begun from the baroque era. Violin tone is a calm and relaxing melody line that stands out amongst all the music. If you are the best composer and expert violin player then it can be extremely agile thus creating fire from the music. Violin is one very important part of orchestras. Expert violin players know how to exactly play with the instrument thus creating the best notes from nothing.

Even you can play violin and get the classical music out of it. You just have to be determined and always want to learn more and more.