How to Find the Right Violin Instructor to Learn Classical Music?


Update: the title should be “do you need a violin instructor to learn classical music”. Read the rest of the article and find out why…

There are a lot of resources to learn things. One is through books, others is through media, and another one which is I think the most widely used method of learning is online. And learning how to play instruments is not an exemption, even learning how to play the violin. I mentioned in a previous post that anyone can teach themselves violin, it takes hard work and perseverance.

Violin belongs to the stringed family of instruments like the guitar. It is considered by most people as one of the few instruments that are hard to learn to play. But the hardest things to learn often have the most rewarding triumphs of all. If learning to play the violin is hard just imagine when you already mastered it and see yourself playing, it is the best reward for all those efforts.

But where can you actually learn how to play violin without enrolling yourself into costly formal education and private tutors? Learn how to play violin online.

There are a lot of websites that offers you online tutoring and mentoring on how to play the violin.Through online learning you can learn at the best location…at the comforts of your own home. You can even have the time of preference for your tutoring…and the best feature is that they will also cater to one on one tutorial, and even use a lot of other media to help you understand the lesson.

If you can not afford the tuition fees for formal training and one on one private tutorial to learn how to play violin, online learning is suited for you. They offer you a detailed and step by step method of performing techniques. You can join online and learn through chat. They also show you live demonstration via web so that you get to appreciate the lessons more. Plus even the teachers are the best violinist, so you learn the best from the best.

It’s important to trust the person teaching you violin. There was a situation where a friend of mine had an accident and injured himself, he was forced to call a peer reviewed lawyer in Mississauga and get compensation from the teacher. It was not a good day for him :(

You can learn at your own pace with the use of the video lessons and audio lessons. This can be very helpful to you especially when you have a hard time catching up with lessons. You can learn lessons anytime and anywhere you want. You can also have the lessons that are difficult for you elaborated and explained further.They will teach you how to read music scripts on an advanced stage but you get to enjoy the process as well as your type of genre of music.

So if you want to learn how to play the violin, do it online. Just like home school, and many other activities that can be achieved at the comforts of our home, to learn to play violin online can be both rewarding and fun. We get to learn anytime we feel like learning, and we learn from the best, even from professionals across the globe.

Learn Classical Music in Violin – For Beginners



Violins and classical music is known as the best to be played in orchestra. Violin is a stringed instrument which is considered as poignant, romantic and majestic. Due to all these qualities you will not find this instrument in mainstream music. However we talk about modern age violinists, playing violin has become a trend. It is played in many rock bands which can add melodrama in loud and fast music. Some very famous violinists which gave very notable rock performances are Eddie Jobson, Dave Mathew’s band (Boy Calvin Tinsley) and Sugarcane Harris, who played Frank Zappa, Roxy Music and Curved air.

Now days for young musicians’ violin playing is not just leaving them to play in romantic dinner date, church or orchestra. It requires a lot of efforts to first train them. There are very rare people who play violin easily without training and can also remain solo, they can also be known as ingenious. Learning violin requires sheer talent, proper training and yes passion also.

If you are one of those people who are focused and disciple and want to learn violin then it would be very easy for you. If you are a parent and want your child to learn violin then making them join violin classes would prove to be the best. You can search for those reliable teachers who give excellent services and they themselves should know how to play violin. You can find people who do not know how to play violin and open up classes for earning money.

It is not just a matter of months, but for lifetime. You are investing your time and money which should be worth it. There are three options available for beginners who want to learn Violins and classical music. These three things consider of firstly joining violin classes, secondly calling for a personal tutor at home and lastly learning violin playing online. The person who teaches violin playing should know each and every technique of violin playing. The schedule should be convenient and flexible. If this doesn’t happen, then it can disturb your regular routine, thus disturbing you mentally.

Points to be noted down for beginners learning to play Violins and classical music:

  1. You should have your own violin. If you do not have it then taking it on rent is also an option available to you. Until and unless you handle the instrument yourself you will never be able to learn it properly.
  2. Finding the best and perfect teacher, tutor or classes is very important.
  3. Money should be worth what you are learning.
  4. Research about the Violins and classical music tutor properly.
  5. Classes should be reputed and satisfying.

A good teacher is the one who has not less than 5 years of experience in violin teaching. The method of teaching Violins and classical music should be prestigious and well planned. A good track is given by teachers to students for practicing. The teacher should also have some qualities like flexibility and patience, thus maintaining good rapport with the students. Now you can also learn Violins and classical music in the easiest way possible.