Buying and Selling Violins Online


5 ways to sell your violin online

Long gone are the days when in order to sell a painting, you had to wait for the proper time and place required for exhibiting your artwork. The advent of online businesses has eased the process considerably. Is the little artist residing in the tips of your fingers eager to reach out to the millions of people indulging in online shopping? In order to do that you need to use your fingers a little bit more apart from creating brilliant strokes on the bare canvas. sales in the following ways to their products including canvas, paintings, watches, necklaces etc.

There are five important tips that will increase your profit scale appreciably while you open an online store. These include finding your target audience, maintaining a large canvas size, mode of representing your artwork, creating sequential paintings and offering easy accessibility to prospective customers.

  1. Choose your Target Audience

It is true that the matter of composition is the artist’s choice, but if business is your intention then it’s better to choose a niche for oneself. Your paintings should cater to the taste of your customers. Choosing a branch like abstract painting is fine, but it is already overcrowded with numerous competitors. Therefore it is wise to have a particular niche in mind while constructing your paintings so that you have better chances at selling products including canvas, paintings, watches, necklaces etc.

  1. The size of the artwork and other products

The size really matters if you are going for serious business. The bigger the artwork, the higher is its price. In E-commerce we learn more is more .There are numerous customers who prefer life size paintings or portraits to adorn their white washed and painted walls. The amount of materials and the extent of labor required for making such big canvases add to the legitimacy of attaching a higher price. Therefore, if making good money is your prospect then creating bigger artworks is the requirement.

  1. Mode of representation

Representing your products is akin to promoting your artwork therefore proper care should be taken to perfect the virtual representation. Ample number of photos of the concerned artwork should be taken and then the best shots should be uploaded. Photoshop can be used to enhance the background of the painting. Numerous photos of the same artwork reveal your dedication and level of perfection to the customers. 

  1. Creating sequential decorative items

As an artist who is interested in doing business, one needs to take into account the choice of the customers. There are walls which cannot be beautified with just one decorative item. The rooms of houses or offices look better when decked with a series of products that match. Therefore, there are ample customers who look for such sequential artworks. The number of products in a sequence is usually more containing a set of 3-9 products thus increasing the price and value.

  1. Easier options to buy

The most important part is to allow any customer to access your painting and easily buy those. The ‘buying zone’ should be open to all prospective customers, using PayPal Now button for immediate purchases helps customers and creates a good feedback you as well.