How to repair a damaged cell phone screen


If the screen of your cell phone is damaged, possibly you have sat on it or dropped on the floor. You have every reason to be worried. There exist many cell phone repair Burlington and services online who will fix your cell phone, however, if you can get the parts and there are low-priced, you can try to do it yourself.

Calculating the Rates

If a new cell phone price is about $100 and on the other hand, price of a spare screen is anywhere in the similar range, then giving time and energy for fitting a new screen is useless. But, if changing the cell phone display cost about $10, then it is worthwhile.

Getting the Spare Screen

The most relevant place is eBay. Amazon is too is a source of spare screens; however you must also think of a usual search on Google because that will reveal expert providers who may give a lower quote.

The Tools Required

Unlocking a cell phone is a complicated work and you will need tools like Torx drivers, screwdrivers, a couple of tweezers, a guitar plectrum and a pair of little levels having thin, pointed edges.

The Principles of Repairing a Cell Phone Screen

As there are lots of different cell phone brands available in the market that presenting standardized instructions is just not possible.

First you need to find out how you can repair your cell phone screen and for that you have to check YouTube. Here you will possible find a comprehensive video on the process.

The guides normally follow this process:

Unlocking the cell phone

Start by removing [if possible] the battery, back cover and recognize where the Torx or regular screws are concealed.

Detaching the Screen

Removing the cell phone’s screen from the digitizer is not generally tough; the digitizer will normally come out after the ribbon cable is detached. However notice that several cell phones today feature a joined screen/digitizer.

Changing the Glue and attaching the New Screen

Apply the replacement glue primarily on the cell phone’s frame than on the glass. After the glue is in position and the recent glass screen is ready, take out the protecting strips on the glue and fit the glass into position.

Make Sure of Right Cable Assembly

You are now ready to connect the important cables again into their positions, fastening them and assembling the phone together, part by part.

You can now switch on the phone without locking the last screws so as to test functionality.