8 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

8 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Listen to Classical Music

Classical music has for the longest time been a status symbol, and though more people are gravitating towards this music genre, it still carries the wealthy tag. Why? Because everyone else attends music festivals and concerts, but the rich/ elite attend orchestras and operas. However, if you are looking to break such societal barriers, then you understand that classical music gives you more than a title; it comes with the following advantages:

  1. It offers a brain boost

Classical music, has, for the longest time been associated with making people smart because of the phenomenal ‘Mozart Effect.’ Though there have been no clear-cut explanations for the phenomenon, studies are pointing to the fact that classical music enhances gene activity related to cognitive functions, reward/ pleasure, and better brain function.

So, maybe, your child needs to listen to more classical music to save you the cost of a high school math tutor. Classical music is said to supercharge the brain’s power and students listening to lectures where there is classical music in the background scored higher grades than the ones who aren’t listening to the classic tunes.

  1. Music Therapy for healing

Medical professionals have used music therapy since the 17th Century. Studies show that listening to music improves comfort after a patient undergoes surgery and it also lowers pain. Perhaps this happens because makes you focus on sounds rather than pain at a subconscious level.

  1. It helps fight depression

With no known medicine for depression on the market, most psychiatrists recommend therapy among which is music therapy. Classical music eases the symptoms of depression and also lifts the melancholic feelings.

This could also come from the fact that listening to classical music helps you fall asleep faster. The harmony of classical music is calming, and when the brain calms down, your body also relaxes, and you get to sleep easily.

  1. Classical music makes you happy

Classical music triggers brain areas responsible for the release of dopamine and serotonin. The release of these neurotransmitters leads to the activation of regions of the brain associated with reward and pleasure. So, you will be happy. By easing anxiety and depression symptoms as well as stress, you will be able to enjoy life a little more.

  1. It is helpful to persons with dementia

Thanks to classical music’s ability to increase brain waves associated with memory, it helps persons with dementia regain most of their memories. This way, the quality of life improves enormously.

It also works for people with Alzheimer’s as it can reawaken some parts of their brains making them recall personal details and their associations of the past.

  1. It lowers blood pressure

There is a fascinating connection between classical music and blood pressure. For example, listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony keeps you in sync with your body’s natural rhythm keeping blood pressure within optimum levels.

  1. It increases your productivity

Classical music makes repetitive tasks/ actions fun, and it increases productivity. It also has positive effects to your workout sessions. Classical tunes will help you get in the zone, and it also goes an extra mile to give you the push you need to perform well.

  1. It sparks creativity

Listening to classical music lights up the brain, and it opens the taps for your creative juices to flow through.

5 Reasons why you should opt for violin and classical music learning



Violin is known as one of the most alluring musical instruments. It has been known and used by people since centuries. It is treasured by many people and they like to use it regularly. This musical instrument is not only enticing to look at, but also the sound produced from it is very beautiful. Violin playing can remind you of anger (sometimes), sadness, happiness and love. This helps in bringing out almost every emotion of human beings. You can make beautiful memories with violin playing.

So rather waiting for people to play Violin and classical music for you, why don’t you start to learn it? Violin learning is easy. You can ask people who play violin to teach you or if you want to learn it properly, then many options are available to take classes. Here in this article we will discuss on 5 reasons why you should learn to play violin and classical music.

Firstly, let me tell you to learn violin and thus you should have it. Until and unless you have your own violin, learning will be difficult. If you do not have one then you can take it on rent. Violin is not as costly as you think. People are scared to buy violin because of its price. This is untrue. Many good violins are available in market which is under 100$. For example if you check on Amazon, violin product name Cecilio CVN-200 is available for you in just 100$. So you will end up saving some money for yourself.

Secondly, learning Violin and classical music is not difficult at all. If you do not wish to take classes, it isn’t necessary at all. You can go for some online programs. Join the course by paying some amount online and feel comfortable with timings. You can get a cd of violin playing also.

Thirdly, learning Violin and classical music is a wonderful hobby. You can even make it your favorite pastime. When you will listen to the music, it will not only give a soothing feeling but also would add a superb skill in you. Whenever you feel sad or stressed out, you can play violin and feel relaxed.

Fourth, learning Violin and classical music can make you happy. The best time can be when you can surprise your partner by playing violin for them. It can be a great gift on valentines or any special occasions say may be your wedding anniversary or birthday. Playing violin on street can be a very funny activity. You can play violin in many different places to enjoy the moment.

Finally, thinking of playing violin is the best feeling. It is an instrument used since historic times. It has been used by folks since 16th century. It represents typical and ideal small town communities which bought this instrument years ago. Violin playing can be owing a historic piece with you.

Well we hope that the reasons mentioned above are convincing enough to help you in making decision of learning Violin and classical music. It is beautiful and affordable to buy.