History of Violin Lessons with Classical Music


Violin and classical music has an exciting and very astonishing history. Violin is known to be the fortitude of symphonic orchestra. One of the renowned orchestrator Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov always said that a violin instrument player should know about how to write the violin before composing the music. If you will not know about the basics of anything then knowing about the expert level is far away.

Violin in 16th century

In the 16th century, the first modern violin appeared in Italy. It was the first instrument having stronger strings than any other instrument in the history. These strong strings gave a very beautiful singing tone. Violin playing in the history was totally different from what it is now. The violins in old days were stouter, short and had visceral strings. Playing Violin and classical music in those days was amazing.

Violin and classical music in 17th and 18th century

Recreant of being played, violin was known as the crude instrument originally. In the 17th and 18th century musical giants like Monteverdi, Mozart and Vivaldi popularized Violin and classical music in their concerts and operas. This gave violin a turning point in the history. In the mid 18th century violin became chamber music ensembles very important part, carrying the melody very often.

19th century Violin

Violin’s prestige and importance started growing in this age. As this age was the romantic era of music which bought a totally new concept in violin and classical music. Sensational virtuosos such as Nicolo Paganini gave violin reach new heights with beautiful classical music techniques.

As the symphonic orchestra started growing day by day, more violinists were coming into this field of music. When we talk about today’s modern symphony orchestra, there are in general 2 groups that have 16 violinists in each group.

Richard Wagner was one of the best violin players who made complicated and dense violin sounds. Listeners used to get confused with his music. A good violin passage requires thirty two violins to get a sparkling and magnificent fire.

20th century Violin

With the modern era many advanced technologies have come, thus introducing amplification of violins and electronic violins which allows violinists to create usual effects. These effects were not seen before. History on violin lessons is a long tapestry which has been spanning since centuries for creating wonderful music.

Violin and classical music has played a very prominent role in the history of music. Playing violin begun from the baroque era. Violin tone is a calm and relaxing melody line that stands out amongst all the music. If you are the best composer and expert violin player then it can be extremely agile thus creating fire from the music. Violin is one very important part of orchestras. Expert violin players know how to exactly play with the instrument thus creating the best notes from nothing.

Even you can play violin and get the classical music out of it. You just have to be determined and always want to learn more and more.

How to Find the Right Violin Instructor to Learn Classical Music?


Update: the title should be “do you need a violin instructor to learn classical music”. Read the rest of the article and find out why…

There are a lot of resources to learn things. One is through books, others is through media, and another one which is I think the most widely used method of learning is online. And learning how to play instruments is not an exemption, even learning how to play the violin. I mentioned in a previous post that anyone can teach themselves violin, it takes hard work and perseverance.

Violin belongs to the stringed family of instruments like the guitar. It is considered by most people as one of the few instruments that are hard to learn to play. But the hardest things to learn often have the most rewarding triumphs of all. If learning to play the violin is hard just imagine when you already mastered it and see yourself playing, it is the best reward for all those efforts.

But where can you actually learn how to play violin without enrolling yourself into costly formal education and private tutors? Learn how to play violin online.

There are a lot of websites that offers you online tutoring and mentoring on how to play the violin.Through online learning you can learn at the best location…at the comforts of your own home. You can even have the time of preference for your tutoring…and the best feature is that they will also cater to one on one tutorial, and even use a lot of other media to help you understand the lesson.

If you can not afford the tuition fees for formal training and one on one private tutorial to learn how to play violin, online learning is suited for you. They offer you a detailed and step by step method of performing techniques. You can join online and learn through chat. They also show you live demonstration via web so that you get to appreciate the lessons more. Plus even the teachers are the best violinist, so you learn the best from the best.

It’s important to trust the person teaching you violin. There was a situation where a friend of mine had an accident and injured himself, he was forced to call a peer reviewed lawyer in Mississauga and get compensation from the teacher. It was not a good day for him :(

You can learn at your own pace with the use of the video lessons and audio lessons. This can be very helpful to you especially when you have a hard time catching up with lessons. You can learn lessons anytime and anywhere you want. You can also have the lessons that are difficult for you elaborated and explained further.They will teach you how to read music scripts on an advanced stage but you get to enjoy the process as well as your type of genre of music.

So if you want to learn how to play the violin, do it online. Just like home school, and many other activities that can be achieved at the comforts of our home, to learn to play violin online can be both rewarding and fun. We get to learn anytime we feel like learning, and we learn from the best, even from professionals across the globe.

Buying and Selling Violins Online


5 ways to sell your violin online

Long gone are the days when in order to sell a painting, you had to wait for the proper time and place required for exhibiting your artwork. The advent of online businesses has eased the process considerably. Is the little artist residing in the tips of your fingers eager to reach out to the millions of people indulging in online shopping? In order to do that you need to use your fingers a little bit more apart from creating brilliant strokes on the bare canvas. framestr.com sales in the following ways to their products including canvas, paintings, watches, necklaces etc.

There are five important tips that will increase your profit scale appreciably while you open an online store. These include finding your target audience, maintaining a large canvas size, mode of representing your artwork, creating sequential paintings and offering easy accessibility to prospective customers.

  1. Choose your Target Audience

It is true that the matter of composition is the artist’s choice, but if business is your intention then it’s better to choose a niche for oneself. Your paintings should cater to the taste of your customers. Choosing a branch like abstract painting is fine, but it is already overcrowded with numerous competitors. Therefore it is wise to have a particular niche in mind while constructing your paintings so that you have better chances at selling products including canvas, paintings, watches, necklaces etc.

  1. The size of the artwork and other products

The size really matters if you are going for serious business. The bigger the artwork, the higher is its price. In E-commerce we learn more is more .There are numerous customers who prefer life size paintings or portraits to adorn their white washed and painted walls. The amount of materials and the extent of labor required for making such big canvases add to the legitimacy of attaching a higher price. Therefore, if making good money is your prospect then creating bigger artworks is the requirement.

  1. Mode of representation

Representing your products is akin to promoting your artwork therefore proper care should be taken to perfect the virtual representation. Ample number of photos of the concerned artwork should be taken and then the best shots should be uploaded. Photoshop can be used to enhance the background of the painting. Numerous photos of the same artwork reveal your dedication and level of perfection to the customers. 

  1. Creating sequential decorative items

As an artist who is interested in doing business, one needs to take into account the choice of the customers. There are walls which cannot be beautified with just one decorative item. The rooms of houses or offices look better when decked with a series of products that match. Therefore, there are ample customers who look for such sequential artworks. The number of products in a sequence is usually more containing a set of 3-9 products thus increasing the price and value.

  1. Easier options to buy

The most important part is to allow any customer to access your painting and easily buy those. The ‘buying zone’ should be open to all prospective customers, using PayPal Now button for immediate purchases helps customers and creates a good feedback you as well.

Listen to the eternal sound of classical music by violin

eternal sound of music

Violin has consistently been known as one of the most in vogue musical instrument for playing. It has espy resurgence since past few years as bounteous individuals are taking interest in learning classical music and its various styles. From the renaissance violin has played a very important role in many classical music scores thus continuing to be the similar case even today.

Violin belongs to the category of bowed stringed instrument family which is played gently. The bow falls down on the strings (violin main body) which are beneath your arm’s weight. Bow string was basically made from horse hair but now it has substituted by synthetic.

When you use your fingers to play with violin strings it is specified with a term pizzicato. But the most common ways in which classical music is played is not using your fingers. Best notes are made by non-bowing hands. Learning violin is not an arduous task at all. Even if you have not played any musical instrument in your life before, learning violin and classical music is easy and fun.

Now let’s gouge out some various routes of violin and classical music for you.

Violin and Classical music learning has many accustomed ways. One of the most common ways is learning in an educational institution.

This educational institution can be your college or school. If you are a school going, then this can be an easy task; however if you are working from 9 to 5, then it will be a bit difficult for you.

However you can manage the timings if there are night-classes for violin and classical music available in your town. This will not cost you much as it is going to be a part time class and not full time. In this manner you will not only manage your time but also get to learn your favorite violin and classical music. The best add on is that your regular work won’t be disturbed. It is going to be an extracurricular activity for you.


You always have an option of hiring a personal violin and classical music tutor for yourself. This will help you in learning music faster. It will be very advantageous for you as the tutor will focus solely on you. In a class, the teacher’s focus has to be on all and not on one student.

Another option available for you is learning violin and classical music online. But this will only help you mimic only what is being taught. You will not be able to make your own notes. Online learning also have their own advantages, one of them is that you can take classes anywhere. It can be your college, workplace or home.

Always do the best research before joining any music class. E-books and online books are offering future stardom in violin and classical music. You can also take membership online for getting expert pre-recorded videos, assignments and tutorials.

Learn Classical Music in Violin – For Beginners



Violins and classical music is known as the best to be played in orchestra. Violin is a stringed instrument which is considered as poignant, romantic and majestic. Due to all these qualities you will not find this instrument in mainstream music. However we talk about modern age violinists, playing violin has become a trend. It is played in many rock bands which can add melodrama in loud and fast music. Some very famous violinists which gave very notable rock performances are Eddie Jobson, Dave Mathew’s band (Boy Calvin Tinsley) and Sugarcane Harris, who played Frank Zappa, Roxy Music and Curved air.

Now days for young musicians’ violin playing is not just leaving them to play in romantic dinner date, church or orchestra. It requires a lot of efforts to first train them. There are very rare people who play violin easily without training and can also remain solo, they can also be known as ingenious. Learning violin requires sheer talent, proper training and yes passion also.

If you are one of those people who are focused and disciple and want to learn violin then it would be very easy for you. If you are a parent and want your child to learn violin then making them join violin classes would prove to be the best. You can search for those reliable teachers who give excellent services and they themselves should know how to play violin. You can find people who do not know how to play violin and open up classes for earning money.

It is not just a matter of months, but for lifetime. You are investing your time and money which should be worth it. There are three options available for beginners who want to learn Violins and classical music. These three things consider of firstly joining violin classes, secondly calling for a personal tutor at home and lastly learning violin playing online. The person who teaches violin playing should know each and every technique of violin playing. The schedule should be convenient and flexible. If this doesn’t happen, then it can disturb your regular routine, thus disturbing you mentally.

Points to be noted down for beginners learning to play Violins and classical music:

  1. You should have your own violin. If you do not have it then taking it on rent is also an option available to you. Until and unless you handle the instrument yourself you will never be able to learn it properly.
  2. Finding the best and perfect teacher, tutor or classes is very important.
  3. Money should be worth what you are learning.
  4. Research about the Violins and classical music tutor properly.
  5. Classes should be reputed and satisfying.

A good teacher is the one who has not less than 5 years of experience in violin teaching. The method of teaching Violins and classical music should be prestigious and well planned. A good track is given by teachers to students for practicing. The teacher should also have some qualities like flexibility and patience, thus maintaining good rapport with the students. Now you can also learn Violins and classical music in the easiest way possible.

Enroll yourself in the best institutes and become an expert in playing violin and classical music



When you think of learning Violin and classical music, the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is about the right music institutes or studios. Both are very good options and in these places you not only learn music but also learn music perfectly. To get good lessons you need to get the appropriate teacher who teaches you music, guide you and assists you in future also. There are many musical instruments available like violin, guitar, piano, quarto and more. Choosing the right one for yourself is important as it should be of your interest.

Getting enrolled in institutes

To get high quality Violin and classical music lessons, you have to enroll yourself in the best institutes. By going in the best institutes you will learn violin playing very nicely. In the institutes professional and highly qualified music instructors and teachers are arranged. This is so that students getting violin classes and enrolling in these institutes should become an expert in this field. Additionally you can also take services and expertise in taking violin playing classes. In many classes special offers are given like Latin music training.

Primary focus of institutes

The primary focus of these institutes is to cultivate and nurture the hidden talent of the students enrolling in the institute. They want their students to become an expert musician and singer. Well researched and creative method is adopted for training students effectively. Teachers in these institutes lay their emphasis on providing sufficient training so that every student can achieve in life. He or she can develop perfection in their respective fields. For example, if a student is interested in learning Violin and classical music then the teacher’s focus will give them every single detailed information about that subject. Private and group lessons both are imparted to a student.

Gradual learning

Gradually you will learn all the songs and styles of Violin and classical music. You will learn each and every aspect and style of violin playing. You will also get many opportunities to play solo and play in group also. Further chances will be given to you for participating in recitals and concerts. Age group is another factor considered in musical training. Music courses and learning sessions are provided on the basis of age. Learning sessions are customized by teachers in accordance to the specific requirement of students.


Depending on the student’s needs, requirements and abilities, music lessons are offered. It is sure that once you learn lessons from these institutes you emerge as an exceptionally and professional talented singer. In between the program, you will also get to know about the various aspects and styles of music. Thus after this you will be able to make your own tones. You will also get to know about sound development, voice repertoire, reading and rhythm. By all this you will become a master in Violin and classical music. Just be passionate about it and you will learn music faster.

Enjoy your wedding ceremony by personalizing the classical music in violin

Sheet music of the Wedding March; with roses and violin

Music plays a very prominent role in everybody’s wedding. Wedding without music is like body without soul. Everybody feels very nervous thinking of which type of music to be played at a wedding. In this article I hope that you will get the best answer for this question. Wedding is one of the most precious das in your life. You should pick up that kind of music which gives a soothing and relaxing feeling. A wedding ceremony basically has three main parts which are described as follow:

  1. The Processional,
  2. The interlude, and
  3. The recessional.

However, if we talk about these 3 sections from musical point of view, then these sections can be divided into five. Let’s discuss about these 5 sections of Violin and classical music which can be played on various wedding occasions.

  1. Guests entering the wedding venue

Welcoming guests with gentle and calm music would always be appreciated. As guests come after a very long journey, energetic music is not required to be played at this moment of time. Violin and classical music can be the best option here.

  1. The brides Processional

This part of wedding is the most awaited one. If you are a traditionalist or want something contemporary, then Violin and classical music fits here perfectly. Wagner bridal chorus (classical music played in violin) is the traditional and known music. If you know even a little about history then this is it. For playing this chorus, an expert violin player should be called.
2 (a) Honored Guests

When guests overshadow the brides’ processional, a light music helps here a lot. It is a very touchy moment and violin can be played here.

  1. The Interlude

This part of wedding is very personal and people can prefer their own choice of music here. Some people organize this part of wedding at religious places and some at clubs, halls and so. At the offertory moment short excerpts of classical music can be played here. Meaningful note of music should only be played, as few people are very touchy and emotional about functions at wedding.

  1. The Recessional

In this, groom has to immediately kiss the bride. This is a WOW moment at a wedding. The music has to be superb and perfect. People should enjoy the moment and this can be the best moment if Violin and classical music is being played together. Guests erupt, applause, filled with joy, cry and smile. So the more exciting the music will be, the more exciting the moments will become. The Mendelssohn Wedding March can be the best classical violin music to play here. But now there are many other options available and people can play their favorite music.

  1. Guests departure

When guests depart, there is too much of a hassle all around the place. It creates a fuss. When musicians play energetic tracks, no one cares about it. The wedding’s end leaves people with tiredness. So a music which is soothing, relaxing, peace giving and calm would be the best here.

Now you can enjoy Violin and classical music even at weddings. You can personalize it in accordance to your needs. Congratulations for your wedding. Enjoy it to the fullest!

A Simple Guide to Learning Violin and Classical Music



Learning violin can be a reward for those who love music. It is not at all easy but you can make the learning lessons simple. Learning to play violin is not just limited to playing classical music. A lot of modern violin music has been produced by musicians all around the world. Music is one great way to express your feelings and emotions for others. Here in this article we will be discussing about a simple guide to learn violin and classical music. In this process you can also fasten up your violin learning.

Know about your instrument

If you are going to take violin in your hand for the first time, then there are certain things about it which you should know about. Violin comes with three things; a case, some rosin and a bow. Violin produces the correct tune only when correct tune has been set. For this you should have a tuner or piano, so that you can set the violin tune. This job can easily be done at home, so do not panic. 

Learn music reading and its theories

Violin and classical music theory sounds boring first. But later on when you realize that it would make piano playing very easy, you will love it. Acquiring knowledge about music theory is very interesting and would help you a lot while reading music notes. Yes, music is read with the help of tones. This will also help you in transposing music from lower to higher keys. Improvising on favorite songs, recreating songs, modulating melodies is all done on the basis of how much you have learnt about music theory. Reading music would let you play with other musicians on the stage. It would be very difficult if you play music but cannot read it.

Following good practice tips

Regularly practicing violin and classical music is very prominent. Practice makes a man perfect. If you want to become perfect in your field, then you will have to practice it a lot. In the beginning you require long hours of practice. Practice is not the only thing which you should think of. Correct focus is also important with it. This is how you will improvise on your mistakes by fixing it. You cannot become a master faster. It takes a lot of time. Small and big, both practicing sessions can be taken.

Practice often helps in developing muscle memory

Learning basics and repetitive practicing is the key to build and develop muscle memory. This will help you in playing violin and classical music with ease and smoothly. Just by looking at the sheet you would know what kind of music it is and how to play it. That is why constant practice is very important. You can never play any music wrong if you practice well. It will keep your memory stronger.

Gam-ify Your Talent

The New Media Institute published an article on the importance of video game based learnings which can be found here. A cool product that tracks your keystrokes and provides detailed analytics, really helps in educational music learning, is the gTar by Incident.

So this is how you can simply play violin, or any other musical instrument, by jotting down some points in mind.

5 Reasons why you should opt for violin and classical music learning



Violin is known as one of the most alluring musical instruments. It has been known and used by people since centuries. It is treasured by many people and they like to use it regularly. This musical instrument is not only enticing to look at, but also the sound produced from it is very beautiful. Violin playing can remind you of anger (sometimes), sadness, happiness and love. This helps in bringing out almost every emotion of human beings. You can make beautiful memories with violin playing.

So rather waiting for people to play Violin and classical music for you, why don’t you start to learn it? Violin learning is easy. You can ask people who play violin to teach you or if you want to learn it properly, then many options are available to take classes. Here in this article we will discuss on 5 reasons why you should learn to play violin and classical music.

Firstly, let me tell you to learn violin and thus you should have it. Until and unless you have your own violin, learning will be difficult. If you do not have one then you can take it on rent. Violin is not as costly as you think. People are scared to buy violin because of its price. This is untrue. Many good violins are available in market which is under 100$. For example if you check on Amazon, violin product name Cecilio CVN-200 is available for you in just 100$. So you will end up saving some money for yourself.

Secondly, learning Violin and classical music is not difficult at all. If you do not wish to take classes, it isn’t necessary at all. You can go for some online programs. Join the course by paying some amount online and feel comfortable with timings. You can get a cd of violin playing also.

Thirdly, learning Violin and classical music is a wonderful hobby. You can even make it your favorite pastime. When you will listen to the music, it will not only give a soothing feeling but also would add a superb skill in you. Whenever you feel sad or stressed out, you can play violin and feel relaxed.

Fourth, learning Violin and classical music can make you happy. The best time can be when you can surprise your partner by playing violin for them. It can be a great gift on valentines or any special occasions say may be your wedding anniversary or birthday. Playing violin on street can be a very funny activity. You can play violin in many different places to enjoy the moment.

Finally, thinking of playing violin is the best feeling. It is an instrument used since historic times. It has been used by folks since 16th century. It represents typical and ideal small town communities which bought this instrument years ago. Violin playing can be owing a historic piece with you.

Well we hope that the reasons mentioned above are convincing enough to help you in making decision of learning Violin and classical music. It is beautiful and affordable to buy.